Birth Coach Services

You may be familiar with the role of “doula”, which is an unregulated expert in prenatal education, advocacy, providing comfort measures and support to birthing families without offering medical care, unlike a Registered Midwife or an Obstetrician. As a Birth Coach I marry the education-heavy work of a doula along with the knowledge I’ve gained from my past midwifery career to support families birthing their babies at home without a medical professional present.

What Does It Mean To Be "Unregulated"?​

  • Being “unregulated” means that anyone can work as a Birth Coach without fulfilling any specific requirement, so the knowledge base of those who support families at home greatly differs, as do philosophies, motivations, boundaries and risk tolerance.
  • Every regulated profession has a governing body whose mandate is to protect the public by creating a framework for training, certification, and maintaining skills. Being unregulated means there is no governing body for the work of a Birth Coach, however my care is governed by general laws such as the Ontario Regulated Health Professions Act of 1991 which mandates what professionals, and only professionals with a license, can do.
  • This lack of regulation also means there is no disciplinary process for myself or any other doula or birth worker who offers poor care.

How my work as a birth coach differs from that of a midwife:

  • None of my care  is covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) (please contact below for fees)
  • I can not order ultrasounds or lab work. 
  • I can not perform “Controlled Acts” according to the Ontario Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, meaning I am legally prevented from doing such things as diagnosing medical conditions, offering cervical exams, administering medications or oxygen, catheterizing the bladder, “managing a labour or conducting a delivery of the baby”, suturing lacerations, etc.
  • I do not attend clients in hospital, even if they transfer in labour or the immediate postpartum.

So What Can I offer, You Ask?

  • Evidence-based prenatal education in real time, but also access to my Resource binder that includes over 100 documents made by myself or other trusted maternity care organizations,
  • Teaching on how to measure your own blood pressure, check your urine, palpate the baby, listen to the heart (with fetoscope or Doppler), etc,
  • Access to my exclusive Telegram group to build community and reduce isolation and tap into skills/knowledge of other women for the duration of your contract,
  • Access to my book lending library, including materials from Ina May Gaskin, Rachel Reed, Sara Wickham, Lily Nichols, Jack Newman, etc.,
  • Lifetime access to my upcoming eCourse “Prenatal Education when Birthing Outside the System”, designed to teach topics such as A&P of Labour, Evidence on Interventions, Labour Coping, Newborn Care and Breastfeeding from the perspective of birthing without a regulated care provider present, 
  • Lifetime access to my eCourse “Prenatal Education for a Fulfilling Birth”, my unique online course for those navigating care within the Ontario medical model but wanting a truly evidence-based approach to care,
  • Support for decision-making in real time with 24/7 phone support, 
  • On-call for in-person, continuous labour and birth support at home,
  • Postpartum support and assistance with breastfeeding, 
  • Nutritional, herbal and lifestyle teachings for the prevention and treatment of disease,
  • Non-allopathic remedies for labour and birth (herbs, homeopathy, essential oils, etc),
  • Support for navigating a hospital transfer if family deems necessary.

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