Birth Coach Testimonials

My client’s experiences prove to me that this is the work I’m supposed to be doing. Let them tell their stories. Enjoy.

I had my fifth baby, a sweet little girl, a month ago, and the experience has been wonderful, in no small part due to the wisdom and support of Tiffany and her Thrive Prenatal services.

I have had all five of my babies at home. My first birth was with registered midwives, and my next three were ‘free-births’, with only my husband and I present. Although I loved my free-births and they were perfect for me at the time, this time around I really wanted to have an extra layer of female “wise woman” support. I knew my body could birth on it’s own, but I really desired having a greater sense of community and support this time around.

Through a serendipitous series of events, I heard about Tiffany, who had recently resigned her registration as an Ontario midwife and started her business as an out-of-system doula and birth coach for free-birthing families.

I was immediately interested, knowing that she a) had years of birth experience under her belt and b) had the integrity and courage to step out of the conventional midwifery system when she recognized the problems within in. Upon emailing her and asking all of the ‘hard questions’ to ensure she was the right type of hands-off support that I desired, my husband and I decided to hire her, and that decision couldn’t have been better!

From the first visit Tiffany felt like a good friend, and helped me unpack some difficult aspects of my previous birth experiences. She was also completely trusting and supportive of my choices for my fifth pregnancy and birth, even though many of these choices are considered highly controversial in the birth world. This was very healing for me since in the past I have felt betrayed or belittled for my birth choices by the mainstream midwifery system.

To have a female support person this time around with experience, who stood behind me and was simply there to offer whatever support and help I needed, was invaluable. In the past, my free births have, on the one hand, been wonderful, but have also felt very isolating during the pregnancy and postpartum. This time around was so different.

My fifth baby’s birth was quite quick and Tiffany made it just in the nick of time for my baby’s head and body to emerge. It was pretty intense at the end and her presence there was grounding and calming. Then, in the immediate postpartum, Tiffany offered her support through the clean up, changing my bed sheets, preparing me a herbal bath, and even tidying my house, which was amazing!

It really was like night and day compared to my free births, where my husband and I had to do our best with these things ourselves. Then, throughout these precious first weeks of the postpartum, Tiffany has texted me regularly to check in with me and my new daughter, and offered her moral support through several postpartum health challenges. If I have another baby I would definitely hire Tiffany again, and I recommend her to anyone who is considering having her for their own births.

Support for the childbearing year is so much more then a monthly blood pressure check and someone telling who what they will “allow you” to do for your birth, and ordering tests and procedures.

Good support is based on experience, wisdom, trust in the God-designed process of birth, and knowledge of how to respectfully support a family through it. If you desire a natural home birth experience, it’s imperative to hire someone who recognizes you as the primary authority of your body, baby, and birth experience, and who doesn’t let ego or rules and regulations get in the way of this. Tiffany is all of these things and more, and I can’t recommend her services enough! ~ Katherine N.

Hiring Tiffany was such an amazing experience. I am a twin mama and being pregnant with twins gives you very few, to basically no options in the hospital setting of how you want your birth to go without an immense amount of stress for self advocacy.
Tiffany was always so willing to answer my questions, send me studies, or encourage me to do some research to know how to make the right decisions for my birth. She took the time to ask about my fears and really get to know what I wanted in this birth experience. The amount of support I felt prenatally and postpartum was incredible. Even though I ended up in the hospital due to hemorrhaging, she encouraged me that it wasn’t a failed home birth. My house was completely cleaned when me and my husband came home with our babies. She made me bone broth (so delicious), brought me a meal, gave me a herbal postpartum bath pouch, and a baby bum balm (which I love). I always looked forward to the postnatal visits. There are so many more wonderful things I could write. She really has your best interest in mind. I would most definitely hire her again. ~ Linda N. 

I had a complicated birth with my first child that ultimately resulted in a c-section. I knew for my second child I was going to have to do things differently if I didn’t want to be put into another situation where my birth needed to meet someone else’s comfortability of risk. I decided to hire Tiffany so that if I had another child in the breech position I could still have the option of a homebirth. The path that came to be the birth of my son was much more full of complications than I ever could have anticipated. Even though I would have preferred certain complications not to have happened, they also accompanied the home-turned into vbac that I had so desperately been fighting for. To be able to deliver my son into the world was a dream come true for me, and without a doubt, would not have been possible without Tiffany in my corner. Everytime another professionals’ assessment of my risk put me into a category that deemed my vbac unsafe, she redirected me towards proper research. Never once did I feel pressured or persuaded by her for my birth to unfold in a way that I didn’t want, and never once did I feel unsafe or not cared for by her. She absolutely and truly made this birth possible for me and I will always be grateful for her helping me every step of the way. Thank you so much Tiffany. ~ Ginger W.


We are very glad we had Tiffany for our Birth Coach now for our second child! Comparing this experience with our first one with registered midwives, this birth was much less traumatic for me. I didn’t need to worry about she might decide to cut, etc! Tiffany was such a support and helped through the whole pregnancy and birth- a few of the highlights for me were how she explained my bloodwork numbers to me and gave me natural options to get my iron higher, and how I could reach her day or night with my questions about headaches or blood pressure or whatever was worrying me! For birth, she was right there helping along- cold washcloth on my forehead, tea or drinks when I wanted them, reminding me to relax and breathe through contractions, and making the herbal bath ready afterwards. I highly recommend her to my friends when they ask how I liked her, I couldn’t have asked for better! ~ Amanda M. 

Tiffany is an amazing birth coach and I highly recommend her if you are looking to birth outside the system! She will support you every step of the way, and she’s only a text or phone call away anytime that you have a question. She puts all her effort into helping you achieve your dream birth. She is so calm and confident , and very well informed. She provides you with lots of good resources and information so that you can go into labour prepared. Her care is very personal and worth every dollar!! ~ Nelly E. 

Hiring Tiffany was the best decision we made with our third birth. She was very supportive of our decisions. She has so much wisdom regarding health, nutrition, pregnancy, birth, postpartum etc….
She answered all the questions that we had with so much information. I especially loved the in home visits we got from her. At our birth, she respected our decision to be alone. She was amazing through pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum! The care that I received right after Estelle was born was incredible. From bringing me a plate of snacks to offering to run me an herbal bath! I would 100% hire her again. ~ Lissa F.