E-Course Testimonials

“This Prenatal Education For A Fulfilling Birth course has been an amazing resource. I am in my third pregnancy and I have still learned so much! There is so much information that is important when it comes to informed decision making and doing what is best for you and your family. The course teaches all about consent and how to advocate for yourself during pregnancy and delivery, something I wish I had known more about with my previous pregnancies. The fact that everything is evidence based is so important to me as well. Tiffany also provides so much information about pregnancy and labour, things that every mama to be should know. I really enjoyed going through this course and I highly recommend it!~ Helen Martens. THRIVE student graduate

“I felt very confident as the instructor always explained acronyms or concepts that most people would not know with clarity and visual aids.”

“The combination of auditory and visual instructions […] I learn best with this combination and almost everything had pictures, diagrams or text for myself to follow along but also listen to which provided the double exposure to the material. “

“Great course for new parents as it gives you a bit of everything. You leave feeling prepared for the many routes that pregnancy could go.” ~ J.J, THRIVE student graduate

“The Thrive Prenatal Education course exceeded my expectations! As a health care provider, the course content enhanced my understanding of current practices and guidelines in obstetrical care. I really appreciated the strong focus on evidence-based practice and the content was well researched. Facts are clearly presented so that clients can feel more confident in making decisions that best align with their goals, values and beliefs. Clinical recommendations and research content were very easy to access as links to literature were readily accessible to review. This course will help to empower clients and their partners to know their rights and to have a voice in the birthing process. I would recommend this course to anyone expecting a baby and to all health care providers who work with pregnant women.” ~ Andrea Atkinson, Registered Nurse and THRIVE student graduate

“The “Prenatal Education for a Fulfilling Birth” course that Tiffany created is unlike traditional prenatal courses, and is definitely in a league of its own. It provides women with the information essential for informed decision making and equips them to advocate for the care they choose and deserve. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it beneficial, even though I’ve had five babies already. Tiffany’s passion for educating and empowering women is evident and is so refreshing! I highly recommend Thrive Prenatal Education!” ~ Vanessa Schinkel, THRIVE student graduate