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Long nights, fussy babies, crying toddlers, dirty floors. Whatever your reason for seeking hired help, you’ve come to the right place. Learn more here.

You can’t afford NOT to invest in your birth in intentional, meaningful ways.

24/7 Access via Telegram for those who aren’t prepared to birth outside the system, or planning on freebirthing and would like some extra support!

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“Prenatal Education for a Fulfilling Birth” eCourse: In spring 2021 I designed a unique prenatal education course for families, doulas and educators navigating the Ontario healthcare system, who wish to learn from the comfort of their own home. Click here to learn more.

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It’s no longer a contested idea that waterbirth has benefits for both mom and baby.

Because I can buy the Passages Pool in bulk, I can save local families money, time and hassle.

You just have to cover the purchase price, taxes and shipping, and for a measly $80, it’s yours. I’m not making a profit here, just filling a gap.

You don’t have to worry about liners… or rental wait lists….or trying to side lie in your bathroom tub looking at your dirty toilet that you didn’t get around to cleaning.

And when your kids use it as a pool next August, they’ll thank you, and you’ll have lovely memories of your magical birth, every time you fill it up.

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Informed Decision Making in Healthcare online resource here