Total Prenatal Prep Program

I am so excited to provide this Ontario-specific, evidence-based resource for those who want a thorough prenatal education package that not only teaches you how to birth your baby safely and with confidence, but how to grow your baby inside the womb and out.

Join me on Zoom every Sunday from 1-3pm, July 2nd through to August 6th, 2023

program includes:

  • 6 weeks of live virtual interactive teaching, totalling 18 hours of content
  • Lifetime access to the class recordings as long as the host site lives, so you can catch up if you miss a session
  • Exclusive access to fifteen of my handcrafted documents to help navigate various milestones such as common body discomforts, nutrition, body work in pregnancy, perineal healing, and more!
  • 60-min virtual one-on-one consultation with myself upon completion of the program, to follow up on any questions, fears and make sure you are fully prepared to birth your baby how you want


Week 1:

Informed Decision-Making to Avoid Birth Trauma

Nutrition and Supplementation

Week 2:

Anatomy & Physiology of Birth

Week 3:

The Importance of Spontaneous Labour versus Induction

Week 4:

Evidence on Common Interventions (Caesarean, fetal monitoring, meconium)

Week 5:

Coping with Labour

Week 6:

Newborn Care and Breastfeeding


$250 per couple. Limited to 10 couples.